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isn't anybody interested in money anymore...? - Joining people of all colors to increase personal wealth [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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isn't anybody interested in money anymore...? [Nov. 1st, 2006|07:39 pm]


[Todays Mood |awake]

...I just joined, and I feel like it's attitude, and conditioning, that contributes a lot to having wealth, accepting wealth, having people accept that it's fine for you to be wealthy...any thoughts on this? I think the attitude alone can make or break it, meaning that the attitude includes insight into what people want, don't want, accept, feel hostile towards, want to support, see as good or bad or cheap or worthwhile, etc. ...

[User Picture]From: ngakmafaery
2006-11-03 09:38 pm (UTC)
...I think those are definitely factors, but I think that if I feel like, oh, I come from a poor background 'so I'm not supposed to get wealthy', or 'only people who do unscrupulous stuff get wealthy' or 'spiritual people don't get wealthy' or anything, then I truly believe I manifest that...the other are necessary skills too, but I think the attitude can influence whether I do those things or not...
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